hair transformations


The Correction.

The client previously home bleached her hair. This resulted in a patchy look with several shades of orange and dark roots.


The Inspiration.

A silver-white bob, with blunt bangs, and pastel dip-dye effect.


Session 1.

Rejean used 15, 20, and 30 volume and Blondor to saturate the hair for an even lift. He used Olaplex to repair and prevent further damage to the hair.

Once processed, Rejean rinsed and washed her hair with purple shampoo. The desired level of lift hadn't been reached, so 15 volume and Blondor was reapplied to the ends. By the end of the first session an overall level 9 was was achieved.

A second session was booked two weeks later to give the hair a rest.


Session 2.

When the client returned two weeks later, Rejean added 15 volume and Blondor to the ends of her hair, and applied 20 volume to the roots which achieved an all over level 10. Rejean chose to tone with CT8/69 and CT10/1 by Wella Professionals for the perfect silver white base to showcase pastels.

He sectioned the hair, and began applying Pulp Riot hair colour to about an inch on the ends, to create a dip-dye effect.

Colours used: Blush and Cupid mixed together, Lilac, and Aquatic.

Holding a can of Shaper, by Sebastian Professional, upside down, and using his hair dryer, he created a windswept look.